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For Swannys Guns & Gear Support call 719-375-1019 or email [email protected] to reach our customer support team.

We are open!
Monday: 10am-6pm MDT
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Wednesday: 10am-4pm MDT
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1 Were do you find great guns and accessories?
1.1 Were is the best place to buy firearms in Colorado Springs?

Swannys Guns & Gear has the best selection of firearms and accessories. We say this from years of long-range precision shooting and firearm competitions. We know what works and how to use it whether for competitions, hunting, 3-gun, IDPA or just having fun. 

2 Do you sell NFA items?
2.1 Do you sell silencers or suppressors?

The short answer is that we will. The ATF has a one-year waiting time before a dealer can get their SOT. We will notify everyone as soon as we can sell them.

3 Do you offer financing?
3.1 Do you offer Financing?

Yes we do! We have Sezzle integrated in our store for every product under $2500.00 Including silencers, handguns, rifles, optics and more. Try Sezzles easy payments and get what you want today!